Air Freight


Air Freight

Our global Air Freight service is focused on providing the most efficient and cost-effective air transportation solutions. Our own network of Air Freight Handling Facilities are located at many of the world’s largest cargo airports, and our experienced personnel are available 24/7 to respond to any quotation and shipment requests immediately.


We’ve built up a global network of partners, including some of the world’s most prestigious airlines, to offer full freighter solutions or passenger aircraft routings that will guarantee the prompt and accurate precise arrival of your cargo.


Our air freight service can facilitate all types of cargo and destinations. Whether you require the shipment of hanging garments (GOH) from Turkey to Toronto, the transportation of automotive show prototype vehicles from Stuttgart to Detroit or the movement of perishable vaccines from Montreal to the developing world, our carefully constructed solutions ensure that we always perform as promised.


Communication is key


We understand the important role communication has in delivering an effective solution. We have developed our very own bespoke communication and tracking tools to keep our clients informed of the up-to-date progress of their shipment.


Our Air Freight services include:


  • Express Airfreight
  • Consolidation Services
  • GOH (Garments On Hanger) – Patented Hanging Garment Containers
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Aircraft Charters
  • Express Clearance via direct computer links to Customs
  • Hand Carries
  • Secure Transport
  • Dangerous Goods Transport
  • 24/7 Availability
  • IATA Cargo Agents
  • PIP Accredited / Regulated Agent Status


To find out the finer details of our service, or to request an Air Freight quotation or proposal, please contact a member of our Air Freight team at