Our Fashion and Retail Logistics Solutions

Our Fashion and Retail Logistics Solutions

TSE’s roots have always been firmly planted in providing intelligent and reliable customised logistics solutions and our heritage is one that we are incredibly proud of. Though the face of TSE has changed, the core values that define us as a company and that drive our every action have been the same since we began: Responsibility, Opportunity, Dedication, Accountability, Innovation, and Respect. We’re not here to meet your expectations. We’re here to exceed them.

When it comes to handling your Fashion and Retail logistics, our specialist team knows exactly how important transportation and distribution is – and more importantly how to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible in today’s ever changing market. We work with some of the top names in luxury fashion, all of whom trust us to develop and implement innovative solutions for their fashion and retail logistics – that not only improve efficiency but also offer financial improvements. Working in a close symbiotic relationship with these and other clients has allowed us to build a wealth of knowledge and experience within the field, and be constantly improving our processes to stay ahead of advancements in the field.


Environmentally Friendly Couture Totes


We provide unrivalled tailor made solutions to support you across all of your logistics needs, for both Garment on Hanger “GOH” and Flat Pack merchandising, including international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, high tech hi-secure warehouse management and distribution and specialised domestic transport of couture items. This is facilitated by the use of our collapsible and environmentally friendly Couture Totes, which keep your garments safe and protected throughout the supply chain, and can be used across all forms of transportation. These Couture Totes allow for a number of distribution options including road, air, ocean and rail services. We also offer a customized online portal solution to manage all of your logistical requirements and enhance warehouse and management functions, including sample reports, reverse logistics and ecommerce.


Reliable Processes, Reliable People


At TSE we believe that quality assurance is an ongoing process, and we are constantly striving to improve our solutions with our internal corrective audit process. This involves repeatedly reviewing, dissecting, remodelling and re-deploying to ensure that we are always providing the ultimate high quality experience. We work hard to make sure the promises that you make your customers are kept, and though our solutions are highly sophisticated our ethos is incredibly simple: honesty, reliability, and dedication.